Tower Cranes Level 2 NVQ

NVQ Level 2 Tower Cranes Diploma is offered to candidates with the professional plant operations category in heavy industry and within the construction industry. So if you are planning to be a professional tower crane operator, then you may have to opt for this Diploma certification. The entire CPCS course is designed for candidates who are seeking advanced level training in handling and operating tower cranes.

In order to fit for the certification, it is obvious that the candidate has to complete the course in expected duration successfully. There are a number of professional institutes that are already offering with this course at intermediate, basic and advanced level.


It is obvious that the course and diploma certification requires polishing skills at an expertise level for operators within his job field. The skills have to be polished depending on the industry requirements, and better and more advanced tower cranes are being introduced by tech peers regularly.

When opting for this course, it is obvious that operators are only trained to focus on accomplishing a particular task. The completion of the task will ensure that the candidate has to undergo sufficient hours of workshop training as well.

Basic qualification requirements

It is certain that the course is just not designed for any engineering or technical student. The course is offered as a very professional level, and so only candidates who are selected after sorting their skills and proficiency levels can apply for this course.

The moment you are undergoing the training for this course, it is certain that you may have to focus on developing skills that are needed to be a crane operator or handler.

Tower cranes are heavy machines, and so too for candidates, it is important to focus on getting familiar with each and every aspect of machine operations. Apart from this, it is also obvious that the candidate will have to develop his skills in handling different types of tower cranes.

The candidate will also have to develop his skills related to handling and safety measures that he may have to observe at the workplace.

At the time of course training, the candidate is expected to undergo hours of workshop training sessions related to transfer and moving of heavy load. So, if the candidate is not holding a minimum of 6 months training or experience working with tower cranes, then he may not be able to apply for the diploma certification.

It is certain that he has to hold a certificate as a crane handler or operator from a reputable construction company. A Blue CPCS card in the construction field is mandatory for the candidate.

Advantages for opting for this course

It is obvious that the course in itself offers candidates with numerous advantages.

  • After the completion of the course, the candidate will also be awarded a diploma for NVQ level 2. So it means that he is eligible to apply for a relevant job position throughout the country.
  • It is also obvious that he may not have to prove his level of proficiency or experience before applying for the job as he is already a CPCS card holder.
  • It is also obvious that diploma holders always have better opportunities to apply for high pay scale jobs.

Construction NVQ test is always helpful for candidates who want to seek a bright career in their life.

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