Labour Green Card

Take your CSCS test - Get the Labour Green Card

The construction industry in the UK has lots of opportunities for young candidates looking for lucrative jobs. Although you do not need high academic qualifications, you need to have a Labour Green Card. Based on the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, you must have CSCS Green Card to establish yourself as a qualified worker. The good news for you is that Construction Cards is there to help you in your preparation. Register your name with this site and get enrolled for the training course. The platform gives you an opportunity to undergo training and take regular mock tests.

Construction Cards is a reliable platform providing you with training courses related to construction jobs in the UK. It will be easier for you to crack the CSCS exam. CSCS cards have color codes representing the skills of workers. Thus, Green Card is different from Red Cards, and it is intended for construction laborers. Workers who are going to make their first entry to the construction world can apply for the Green Card. The Card proves the skills of these novices. Without the Card, it would be difficult for you to get calls from the best employers.

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Green CSCS Card- Do you qualify for it?

The eligibility criteria for obtaining the Green CSCS Labourer Card are not much strict. However, your minimum age should be 16 years. Moreover, you have to crack the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment test. You must also have Level 5 REHIS Elementary Health and Safety Certificate. With these lifetime qualifications, you can apply for the Green Card and renew the card every 5 years.

To learn more about the Green Card and other details, you can visit the site of Construction Card. You will find affordable training courses for potential workers in construction companies.

Keep yourself safe with CSCS training

Construction accidents can happen at any time, and when you are not a trained professional, you have a high risk of these accidents. Design ignorance, natural disaster, and equipment failure are some factors causing injuries. Moreover, you may have also heard about highway construction accidents. Thus, take the best step to save your life. Furthermore, employers can encourage their workers to undergo CSCS training. Their employees will remain safe and keep away from physical injuries.

Join a training course and take a test. You will also receive CSCS cards. Your career will become brighter and better.

You do not need to go through a long training course to learn about health and safety tricks on the construction site. The one-day course will increase your knowledge about construction and essential safety tips. You may not find any legal compulsion to undergo training. Still, for your own purpose, you must not avoid it.

Interestingly, construction companies like to employ workers who are trained and qualified. The certified workers have high efficiency in managing construction works. That is why you can try to invest in a training course and achieve success in the exam.

Find the best platform for CSCS training

Construction Cards is an incomparable platform where you can find the desired training and make your career brighter. To have an entry into the construction industry, you can use CSCS cards. Your employer will learn about your skills in the construction sector. As there are several competitors, you will find a way of beating them by obtaining the card.

A construction company always prefers a highly efficient worker. With a reasonable investment in the course, you can become one of the highly skilled workers. You have a chance of grabbing the best jobs in the industry. With the Green Card, you may get entry-level jobs. However, by upgrading your skill with more training, you will receive a different colored card. It will enable you more lucrative jobs.