CSCS Labourer Card

Know About CSCS Labourer Card Details- Apply For It Easily

CSCS cards are now the most common choice for potential employees in the construction field. As these cards are color-coded, the CSCS labourer card is easily identifiable with its green colour. The Green Card will give you access to the construction industry without any hassle. Apply for this labourer card and get your job.

However, do not think that you can receive the card after sending the application. You need to go through some important steps to achieve your goal. The most significant thing is to undergo training from a reputable training institute. Construction Cards is one such institute with a range of training courses for CSCS aspirants.

You can visit the official site of Construction Cards and apply for the desired courses. The duration of the course may vary with your choice. However, to apply for the Green Card, you can choose the 1-day course. You do not need high qualifications to get the card. Still, you may check the eligibility criteria before applying for the training course and the card.

Construction Cards is a unique platform, as it enables you to assess your knowledge after the training program.

The CSCS helps construction companies and employees to maintain safety standards during the construction project. CSCS cards are of multiple types based on job preference and skills. One of them is Green Card intended for labourers. Initially, it was known as the Construction site Operative Card. However, now, Green Labourer Card has replaced it.

To get this card, you need to crack the CSCS exam. You have to score qualifying marks in it, and then CITB will issue the card for you. To prepare for it, you may take mock tests at Construction Cards. You can choose from one of the available mock test centres.

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Do you need the Labourer Card?

Labourer Card is different from Red Card and other CSCS cards. The Labourer card is intended for those who are ready to do different manual labour jobs at the construction site. You can work for a construction company as an entry-level worker. Your card will be valid for 5 years. However, while working in labouring environments, you have a health risk. That is why the card is essential to prove your safety management skills.

By showing the card, you can ensure that you have minimum eligibility criteria to deal with construction projects. Most of the workers in the construction industry need the card to prove their efficiency level.

Do you need to pay for the card?

To apply for the Labourer Card, you should pass the Operative CITB test. You need to pay a reasonable amount for the card. When your application is approved, you will receive the card within 20 to 30 days.

While not received within 5 weeks, you may directly contact CSCS. After 3 months, CSCS will consider your application closed. You may also apply for the card on behalf of your relatives and friends. Similarly, employers can apply for multiple cards for their workers.

Renewal of the card

While renewing the card, you may send the application 6 months before the given date. You can also do it 6 months after the mentioned date. However, when you have crossed this period, you may apply for a new card. Make sure that you have passed the test not more than 2 years ago. To replace your stolen and lost card, you may call CSCS.

These are all about CSCS cards. Now, you can undergo training from Construction Cards and pass the test. You will move forward to reach the zenith of your career.