CITB Health And Safety test

CITB Test- Gain Certification And Obtain A Card

Almost every construction worker wears protective and special footwear. Still, it does not ensure safety, and that’s why the CITB health and safety test is of utmost value to a potential worker.

Some of us stick to the myth that labourers in the construction sector always need to work hard, and they need no special skills. But, it is not true. Without vocational training and academic qualifications, it is hard to get a job. Thus, CITB training is vital to secure a profitable job in the construction sector. You can prove your strong knowledge and skills as one of the construction workers.

But, where should you get trained? The best available platform for you is Construction Cards. It provides training and conducts tests for CITB candidates. In fact, it makes your path smoother to obtain your CSCS card. Those who pass the real CITB exam will get this card.

You may also apply for the card and find a good job in a reputable company. Construction Cards will be your partner to solve your queries about the CITB tests. The mock tests will remove your doubts and make you prepared for the exam. Keep away from fears.

The construction sector can engage you in different activities, like digging, drilling, and demolition. The construction projects are also related to the development of architectural structures. Thus, you need to know about the latest trends of developing architectures, including tunnels, railways, and bridges. These construction projects need complicated skills and safety training.

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When do you need CSCS cards?

You can apply for jobs to work as-

Building Surveyors
Construction Managers
Building Service Engineers
Civil Engineers
Site Inspectors
Project Managers

Evidently, these construction fields need a high level of skill. You should also know the way of keeping yourself safe at the construction site. Proper training seems to be compulsory, although there are no legal obligations.

Keep pace with technological trends in the construction field

Technologies play a vital role in the construction field, and you could notice several changes in the past few years. From building information modelling to 3D printing of materials, there are lots of technological applications in the industry. However, the trend that will continue for the coming years is safety training.

Constructors and other labourers do several physical jobs onsite. They put on Personal Protective Equipment to defend themselves from contaminants in the air and other hazards. However, without training, you cannot ensure 100% at the construction. A comprehensive training program will also enable you to keep your co-workers safe.

Be trained- Reduce the injury risks-

Due to the increased focus and attention on safety, there is a reducing number of accidents and deaths in the construction industry. As you like to work in the industry, you need to take a step. Health and Safety Level 1 course will be the perfect choice for novices entering into this construction sector. This course will let you avail yourself of the Green Card. However, there are other courses for those looking to upgrade their skills in the construction sector.

Lots of construction workers have already joined the training programs at Construction Cards. It is now the right time to join the 1-day course for constructors. To become supervisors and managers, you have to go through a 5-day course. Construction Cards help in strengthening your career in construction.

You will get the opportunity to interact with trainers and get their useful interactions. Moreover, when the course is over, you can take mock tests to know about performance and preparation level. You can easily pass the CSCS exam.