CITB Test Booking


Which CITB test booking is right for your career in the construction industry?

It is highly important to be qualified as an employee before working in the construction sector. Thus, your first step should be to undergo CITB training and pay for CITB test booking.

The Health, safety, and environment training and test will prevent you from the risks of injuries. Without CITB tests, you cannot prove your qualifications to your employers. So, take a mock test, pass the exam, and get your CITB CSCS card. It will be a vital step to build a foundation for your career in the UK industry.

CITB tests are of different types, and the major ones of them are-

  • H, S & E tests for CITB operatives– This construction skill test will help you get CSCS cards, including the manager card, red trainee card, experienced red technician,red experienced worker card,anda blue skilled worker card. You may also apply for the green operative card to work at the construction site.
  • H, S & E tests for CITB specialists– You can choose this test to get a grey construction-related card and a blue skilled worker card.
  • H, S & E tests for CITB professionals and managers– It is another type of test helping you to get a black manager card and supervisor card. You can present yourself as a professionally qualified person.

While working in the construction industry, there is a high risk of workplace accidents and injuries. You may also have a chance of losing lives. Moreover, construction companies suffer from personal grief, financial costs, and negative publicity. Thus, get qualified for the CITB Health, safety, and environment test after undergoing training. The training course will help to keep away from the health concerns at the time of working at the construction sites. Furthermore, you will receive a card after passing the real exam.

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How to prepare for the construction skill test

You can buy some reference materials to prepare yourself for the test. Look for relevant books intended for CITB candidates. There are also DVDs and mobile apps available for the CITB aspirants. But, the best option for you is to join a training course. Construction Cards is one of the recognized training institutes with affordable training programs for different CITB candidates. You can easily join the training course and gain some valuable knowledge.

Construction Cards is also known for conducting mock tests for potential construction workers. You can choose this platform to start your career in the desired field

What topics are relevant to your CITB tests?

The training course will let you know the structure of the CITB tests. There are 50 questions based on different topics, like-

  • Environment
  • High-risk activities
  • Legal and management
  • General safety
  • Health and welfare

The overall duration of the test is about 45 minutes to attempt the questions. However, presently, you can notice a new question pattern. The test includes behavioral case studies to assess the candidate’s knowledgeabout health, environmental issues, and safety.

CITB continuously reviews the test to make sure that it continues helping the employers and construction workers. That is why you need to choose the best training center to ensure your solid knowledge about construction works.

You can now sign up for a CITB course and acquire new skills. You may also upgrade your skills with the training course. Based on the preferred job position in the construction sector, you have to choose the training program. Your card color will also vary with the skills and job position.

Book your mock tests now and get certified. You will find a way of earning more from the construction sector.