Skip Handlers Level 2 NVQ

NVQ Level 2 Skip Handlers certification is for candidates who want to polish their skills with handling skip handler lorry vehicle. The transportation is a special type of vehicle that is used for moving skips from one point to another at the construction site.

The machine to be operated well may include knowledge related to operating chained hydraulics, and hydraulic arms. The candidates will also get a chance to handle and operate roll on type of skip handlers. To get these job prospects, the candidates are expected to meet the qualification standard as per set by NVQ certifications and CPCS systems.

What is this?

The certification is competency based and job oriented certification for eligible candidates who want to be skip operators. The main aim of the course is to help the eligible candidates gain their job positions at the construction work site as trained professionals.

The course is designed to help candidates gather all practical and learning skills via a guided system of learning that is offered by trained and qualified instructors. The candidates will also have to be familiar with operations for controlling skip handler machines and observing safety measures at the work site.

The course exposes the candidate to different essential elements during the course duration that are needed by him to be followed at the work site under different work conditions.

Why it is required?

The course is required as this certification is mandatory by CITB and CPCS authorities for any candidate who wants to boost his career within this field. The authorities have also made it mandatory that the candidate will have to appear for the test before and after the completion of the course.

In order to clear the entire course, the personal skill level of the candidate will always prove more helpful as no set duration for the course has been set by the authorities.

The course can be attended by the candidate as a novice during whom he is expected to attend a minimum of four-day in-classroom and practical session. The course will also prove helpful to the candidate for preparing himself for the CPCS test.

At the end of the course, the fresh candidate will be provided with CPCS RED card while the more experienced candidate will be provided by Blue CPCS card as a professional and skilled person.

In both cases, the candidate is eligible to apply for the relevant job position under the selected category in the construction field.


For fresher, it is important that the candidate has to prove his learning skills and practical skills during the course time. For experienced candidates, he has to provide job evidence and lower level card evidence as well.

So it is mandatory for the candidate to provide with a copy of Red CPCS card and other relevant documentation related to his job experience and skills. The candidate will also have to submit a copy of the CPCS health card that is valid.

The experienced candidate is also expected to renew his job card within a period of five years to maintain his job position in the industry.

How to apply?

The candidate can apply by the official web site or by visiting nearest CITB centers. Online the candidate can also log on to web site and request for course study material and details related to Construction NVQ tests.

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