RT63 Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane Test

A tower crane is an overhead type of crane that is widely used within the construction site to lift and move a heavy load from one place to another. Being a qualified tower crane operator, you always have a very bright future in this industry. To be qualified you have to appear for RT63 Pedestrian operated tower crane test. On completion of the test, you will be eligible to work as an operator for tower crane at the construction site.

What is the RT63 Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane Test?

RT63 test is a type of competency test that has been designed by the construction authorities so that eligible candidates can be offered with this job position. The job of a pedestrian crane operator may involve a lot of risk for equipment and workers at the work site.

  • Each operator is tested for his skills with handling the crane operations on regular intervals of time to ensure no accident takes place at the job site.
  • As the test has to be conducted after a fixed period, the proficiency level of the candidate is tested as per his previous experience.
  • The test is also one of the best ways to ensure that only selected candidates will be considered for valid job positions in the construction industry.
  • The test can thus be undertaken by a candidate who is already well trained to handle such tasks at the job site.

Why is it required?

The test is required for candidates who wish to make their career within the construction industry as pedestrian tower crane operators. As per the CITB committee operators need to appear for this renewal test so their CPCS card can be renewed after regular intervals of time.

  • Candidates when working as crane operators need to perfect their skills with handling various controls of the dashboard. In order to avoid accidents at the work site, it is must that the candidate should hold his level of proficiency with towering cranes.
  • The test is required by candidates who want to opt for better opportunities at the work site. When opting for this certification test, they have an opportunity to renew their work card for another few years.
  • The test will also polish the skills of the candidate with their basic knowledge related to the latest developments made within this work field. He will be tested for his skills related to security management for equipment and co-workers.


To claim for renewal of the work card permit, the candidate must appear for the test conducted by the CPCS committee on regular intervals of time. At the time of appearing for the test, it is also mandatory for the candidate to produce all valid documents to the committee members for verification.

The candidate will have to submit all relevant documents for approval, along with his previous owned work card. The test can only be appeared by a candidate who is already holding his previous experience working as a pedestrian tower crane operator.

How to apply?

Construction Helpline at www.constructionhelpline.com is one of the companies that offer candidates with competing help required to appear for CPCS renewal test. The process of renewal of the card can be done by the candidates online itself. The web portal offers complete details related to course materials and training sessions.

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