RT59 Excavator 360 Test

The RT59 – Excavator 360 is a course that will help workers to operate a 360-degree Excavator competently and safely.

What is RT59 Excavator 360 Test?

The RT59 – Excavator 360 is a mandatory test as a part of obtaining the Red CPCS trained operator card. The course covers both practical and theoretical training of safely operating a 360-degree excavator above 10 tonnes.

The test covers topics such as:

  1. Improve candidate’s ability to operate the plant machinery with at least a minimum safety standard
  2. Training on fitting and operating ancillary equipment
  3. The ability to position the machine securely and proficiently
  4. Training on how to carry out minor adjustments to the excavator 360
  5. Preparing the vehicle for travel, loaded and unloaded on the public highway
  6. Ability to attach and remove buckets from the vehicle
  7. Understanding the capacities of each machine
  8. Understanding the purpose and limitations of the vehicle
  9. Awareness of all safety measures required for the smooth operation of the machine
  10. Understanding the operating mechanisms of various parts of the machine
  11. Understanding of how diesel engines work
  12. Ability to interpret the data shared by level pegs, and profiles
  13. Knowledge of the routine adjustments and servicing procedures of the machine
  14. Ability to carry out regular servicing of the machine
  15. Travelling with dangling loads
  16. Ability to manoeuvre in confined spaces

The candidate must have completed the relevant CITB Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) touch-screen-test within two years of applying for the RT59 – Excavator 360 to be eligible for the test.

Completion of the RT59 – Excavator 360 endorses Tracked, Wheeled, and Lifting Operations.

There are many organisations that approve grants for completing the CPCS course. Candidates may contact the HR department of their organisation for more information on the same.

Duration of the training is as mentioned below for candidates with various levels of experience:

  1. Candidates with zero to less than a year of experience will require eight days of training before they could attempt taking the test.
  2. Candidates with 1 to 2 years of operational experience will need 4 to 5 days of training before they could sit for the assessment.
  3. Candidates with more than two years of experience would only need a day’s training before which they may take the test.

Why is the test needed?

The RT59 – Excavator 360 test needs to be completed if the candidate is looking to attain the Red CPCS Trained Operator Card.

Criteria to successfully complete the module

The RT59 – Excavator 360 test has 15 questions of which, a minimum of 12 needs to be answered right for the candidate to pass the test.

How to apply

Candidates can either choose a physical university to get the course completed or get in touch with online stores such as ConstructionHelpline.com for assistance in completing the course.

The RT59 – Excavator is one of the most sorts after course in the set of CITB courses that have to be completed to complete the CPCS renewal test successfully.

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