RT45 Piling Rigs Test

The RT45 Piling Rigs is one of the courses a candidate needs to successfully complete in order to renew their CPCS card. Possession of the CPCS card means that the candidate is aware of all safety regulations of a construction site.

What is RT45 Piling Rigs Test?

The RT45 – Piling rigs CPCS course will provide complete theoretical and practical training on the operations of Piling Rigs. It is vital for that the candidates achieve relevant CITB Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) touch-screen-test within two years of applying for the test.

The RT45 – Piling rigs course covers various topics such as:

  1. Explaining the standard tools and terminology used in plants by workers
  2. Understanding of the manufacturer’s requirements as per relevant regulations/legislation
  3. Conduct all pre-use equipment checks in the plant
  4. Training on configuring for travel
  5. Travelling over rough, and rippling ground
  6. Training on manoeuvring in confined spaces
  7. Configure driven works
  8. Explaining the course of action for hazards in both underground and overhead services
  9. Coaching on installing displacement piles accurately to completion
  10. Comply with signs and directions
  11. Tutoring on how to maintain safe working situations
  12. Explaining lifting necessities and restrictions while using a piling rig
  13. Undertake shut down and securing procedures
  14. Explaining the de-rigging, loading, and unloading policies for machine transporting

The RT45 – Piling rigs course and test is conducted in the construction site. It is vital that the construction site adheres to the CPCS specifications.

Many construction companies provide subsidies or grants to take the course on Piling rigs. Candidates can consult their organizations to check the availability of grants; this could make the course absolutely free of cost.

Why is the test needed?

The RT45 – Piling rigs is one of the mandatory course candidates need to pass to renew their CPCS red card. Completion of the test will mean that the candidate is aware of the safety regulations of the construction site while using the piling rig.

Criteria to successfully complete the module

Ideally, the test consists of 15 questions and candidates need to gain at least 12 points to pass the course. However, since the module is mainly related to safety, there is a need to correctly answer at least a minimum number of questions under each topic. Failing to achieve this would mean that the candidate was unsuccessful in completing the test even if 12 points overall is achieved.

How to apply

RT45 – Piling rigs test can be taken at the construction site or any location as long as it meets the CPCS specifications. Many online institutes provide information on the RT45 – Piling rigs test, e.g., constructionhelpline.com. The candidate may contact any institutes for coaching in Piling rigs.

RT45 – Piling rigs is not just a course that candidates take as a part of the CPCS renewal test but also a vital course in understanding the safety measures in a construction site. This course will also enable candidates to learn how they can conduct themselves in a plant.

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