RT31 Ride on Roller Test

Ride On Roller is a machine that requires trained professionals for efficient working. RT31 Ride on Roller renewal test is one of the best testing systems that will ensure that the candidate issued with the blue CPCS card is eligible for the post of an operator. The assessment test is designed to judge their skills with the device and its emergency handling while on work.

Operators who are not aware of using a ride on roller efficiently always possess high-risk levels at the workplace. They are consistently at risk to injuries as the machine has a lot of loose and attached components and equipment.

What is the RT31 Ride on Roller Test?

The test is a proficiency testing system that will award the deserving candidate with certification to continue working as an operator in this field. They are well trained to act instantly at the time of injury or accident. In the case of machine failure at the work site, they are efficient in handling any situation.

Opting for a test at regular intervals of time ensures that these situations can always be avoided or well handled. They are also exposed to various gears and protective systems that they need to use at the workplace.

They are also exposed to making use of roller belts, compactors and other safety measures when working in challenging conditions. As several people lose their life or job due to workplace accidents, occurring at the work site, so it is important for authorities to ensure that the operator is well trained when hired by the company.

Why it is required?

As per authorities, it is important for operators to follow proper safety measures at the workplace. The workers have to ensure that they are well trained to handle the Ride On Roller and all controls on the dashboard.

They have to be familiar with making proper use of all possible protective gears such that the risk to equipment and life can be minimised. It is also important for the operator to accomplish the task more effectively and precisely.

When operating the roller on difficult terrains, the operator needs to ascertain that he maintains his balance with the machine so that the Ride on Roller does not slip down the edge of the cliff or terrain.


To come out as a perfectionist in his job, the operator has to learn all basic and advanced handling systems. The operator should be efficient in handling the buttons even under stress related conditions.

At the time of ramp construction, he has to be calculative to adjust the pressure levels at the optimised unit. He also needs to develop his skills by following the instructions given by the ground surveillance team without physically interacting with them.

How to apply?

Any operator who is already a professional and needs to apply for the renewal of his card, then he can take up the CPCS renewal test. To apply for the test, he can take help from www.constructiononline.com. The experts from the website will enlighten them about the course and how to pass it.

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