RT30 Piling Rig Tripod Test

Tripods are terms that are used for a special type of stand that has three legs for maintaining balance. The same term is being used to define a piling rig tripod. This is a three-legged stand that is basically used in the construction and civil industries. The device used here is a mechanical type and therefore, it needs a professional and skilled operator. And to become a skilled operator, candidates have to clear RT30 Piling rig tripod test and grab a valid Blue CPCS Card.

What is RT30 Piling Rig Tripod?

The operator who is efficient in handling the mechanical device has to hold a valid RT30 certification and card. This is an important factor as the authorities need to ensure that only experienced operators are allowed to take control of this device. The foundation pile rig is also heavy in weight and the largest type of tripod machine.

It is important to perfectly install this machine at the work site before it can be used by diggers or excavators. In case the process of installation is not perfect, then it increases the chance of an accident at the workplace.

Why it is required?

The professional who handles this tripod should, in fact, be a certified person so you can trust his level of experience in installation works. As the tripod has to be installed in the same location for many days or even months, so the installed legs have to be firm.

In advance, the professionals need to consider all possible errors that may arise in later stages. These errors have to be corrected within a specific time period. Some of the tripods may also have a 700 mm or more diameter. This makes the process of installation more difficult for operators.

This is where professional experience would be counted. Only a professional and experienced professional will be able to perform all calculations before the tripod has been installed.


Any candidate who wants to place requisition for getting his CPCS card renewed has to display additional skills handling this device. A tripod can offer a greater amount of risk if not handled perfectly. This means that any operator who wished to be employed as a tripod operator for better future needs to pass and hold a valid card.

This opens up a new door of opportunities for the deserving candidate. Apart from handling mechanical attachments, the tripod also needs to be handled manually.

So the trained professional may only be awarded the certification to ensure that the workers and equipment are in safe hands. A small error at the time of installation or handling can lead to a dangerous situation.

How to apply?

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