RT25 MEWP – Scissor Test

RT25 MEWP scissor is a type of aerial platform that is mobile and finds its wide use within various industries where there is a need for lifting or lowering down heavy loads or perform repair task at height. RT25 MEWP scissor test is for candidates who want to make their career within this field at the advanced stage.

Passing the test will provide them with a certificate to handle this machinery at industrial and construction sites. As the mobile platform has a big sized bucket attached at its rear end, handling that bucket becomes the most tedious task. Either the controlling is done manually (using mechanical control) or via a remote device.

In both cases, the operator must have immense experience in handling the machinery which they only get after passing the test.

What is the RT25 Mobile Elevating Work Platform – Scissor Test?

CPCS test or its renewal is all about gaining a Blue Card or renewing Blue Card that certifies – you are a skilled worker in machinery handling. The test helps aspirants gain authority of handling such heavy-duty machinery in construction adhering the safety rules of the industry.

If you are a labourer willing to join the construction industry for your interest in handling such mobile machinery, then a Blue CPCS Card should be your first choice. A person having a Blue CPCS Card would be given preference while hiring operators for such machinery in construction sites.

Why it is required?

In most cases, employers avoid the need to train operators at the work site. The operators are expected to be self-motivated to carry out all tasks at the work site.

They should be efficient in handling all major tasks at the time of emergency without any further instructions.

Also, it is important for the operator to hold a valid work permit for operating this mobile platform. The safety of the device and worker are in the hands of the operator, operating the mobile scissor. Therefore, having the proper expertise and immense experience becomes more important for him.


Passing criteria for CPCS test or CPCS renewal test is quite easy. All you have to do is give correct answers to 12 questions out of 15. These questions are based on general understanding of machine handling, common safety practices, etc.

Candidates, who are appearing for the exam, can take help of factsheets available online. These factsheets are easily available online, and for better help, you can visit www.constructionhelpline.com.

How to apply?

The online web portal service introduced by CPCS is one of the most effective ways for candidates to apply for the CPCS renewal test. Operators who want to prove their competency levels need to appear for this test so they can have improved job perspective.

The candidate can access also access services of Construction Helpline that provide complete details about the test and its pre-requisites.

Once you pass and get awarded with license, you find multiple job openings benefitting you. Having a valid blue card will bring you suitable job openings as an operator in the UK.

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