RT20 Hoist Test

To effectively test the Blue card holders, CPCS committee management has launched the CPCS RT20 Hoist renewal test. The authorities have launched this test as they feel that it is important to regularly check with the knowledge related to safety issues at the work site. So the moment any eligible candidate applies for this test, he is tested for all topics that are related to his task at the job site. CPCS renewal test is one of the main means to help identify if the registered candidate is eligible for renewal of his blue card or not.

What is the RT20 Hoist Test?

As the name suggests, it is a type of competency or skill testing system that is designed to help identify the professionalism of the candidate within his expertise area. The procedure followed by the authorities is in the form of consultations related to all possible safety issues that the candidate might be facing at his work site.

Why is it required?

As per the authorities, this test is important to be conducted before the candidate is issued with his renewed blue CPCS card. Under this system, the authorities and managing committee are confident that the results will be able to identify the right eligible candidate from the one who is not the right fit for the job position.

This certainly does make the procedure of selection for the authorities more simplified. As the selection of the eligible candidates is only made on the basis of the scores obtained, by the candidates, the test is considered to be full proof.

The test is also important as it is the only means that can help in testing the candidate for various modules via questionnaires and consultations.


In order to fulfil the eligibility, candidates are expected to meet all required criteria. It is obvious that the candidate who wishes to renew his CPCS blue card is expected to be aware of his job tasks very well.

It is also certain that the candidate is also expected to be aware of all possible safety that he has to follow when performing his regular day task at the work site.

As the usage of Hoist is made for transferring goods or people from one level of the floor to another, so it is obvious that they need to be aware of right procedure for operating it. It is also expected that the operator should be aware of the rope pulley system and motor maintenance at the time of emergency.

Candidates are also tested for their knowledge related to equipment handling and maintenance. Being aware of the pre-checks and inspection procedure is also mandatory for candidates to pass out with best scores.

How to apply?

Any candidate who is applying for the CPCS RT20 Hoistoperator renewal test is expected to get familiar with the Fact sheet. The PDF format of the file can be downloaded from the CPCS official website.

It is mandatory to go through the information provided in the PDF file related to the procedure for answering the questions.

CPCS renewal test is mandatory and so to score passing grade candidate needs to attempt all question from their module.

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