RT09 Forward Tipping Dumper Test

CPCS RT09 forward tipping dumper renewal test is conducted with an aim to check with the safety-related skills of the operators, even before they can apply for the renewal procedure for their certification and Blue CPCS Card. As per the regulations, it is mandatory that each operator should be tested related to the topic of his competency. Operators need to register themselves for CPCS renewal test prior to the application process for renewal of Blue Card.

What is RT09 forward tipping dumper Test?

As per regulating authorities, CPCS conducts this test for each eligible applicant. The test is designed to meet the requirements for knowledge and skill testing in their specified job field. The test is conducted for testing and assessing the efficiency and safety skills of the dumper drivers. It is designed to help get familiar with the transporting knowledge of operators and their skills to avoid unwanted accidents at the job site.

The test also helps in eliminating any further chances of accidents from happening at the work site. It also helps check the operator for his inspection skills at the place of work for checking with oil leaks or faulty gear so work can be carried out without any delays.

Why is it required?

CPCS has made this test mandatory keeping in mind the safety norms that have to be observed by the dumper operator at the construction site. It is obvious that failure in making any such observation by the operator would, in fact, lead to a major accident. This test is also important as it reflects the problem handling skills of the operator during emergency and normal working conditions.


In order to efficiently pass the test with best grades, the operator is expected to appear for each question in the test. The authorities have prepared a set of 15 questions that are related to different types of tasks that are performed by the operator during his work hours.

In order to successfully pass the test, the operator needs to attempt each question from all categories. It is also obvious that they have to provide with correct answers to a minimum of 12 questions from the set of 15.

A general consultation session is also to be attended by the operators when appearing for the test. In case the operator successfully completes the test, he will be eligible for the renewal of his CPCS blue card. It is also important that the operator has to be aware of all possible safety measures that a dumper driver is expected to follow when at his work site.

In order to qualify it is certain that the driver has to be aware of safety measures and handling procedure for dumpers of different size and load.

How to apply?

The procedure that the operator has to follow to apply for CPCS RT09 forward tipping dumper renewal test can be obtained online. The information is available along with general information for health, environment, and safety tests. The online service testing platform is open for operators and is regulated by the authorities. Any operator who wishes to appear for the CPCS renewal test can download the Fact sheets officially via the online portal.

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