RT06 Truck Mounted Boom Concrete Pump Test

Truck mounted boom concrete pumps are equipment that is efficient in pumping concrete at the work site. The pumping system makes use of high-speed boom that is efficient in pumping concrete up to a height of 60 metres. Apart from this, the Truck is also mounted with an external pipe system that is used for transferring concrete to the job site.

As the system requires efficient handling, it is obvious that operators who operate this equipment need to qualify for CPCS RT06 Truck Mounted Boom concrete pump test. The authorities have prepared the testing system to ensure that only well trained and qualified professionals are awarded certification to perform this job.

Operators are expected to clear the RT06 CPCS renewal test with qualifying grades in order to procure this certification.

What is RT06 Truck Mounted Boom concrete pump Test?

The test is one of the most efficient ways to check the operator for his knowledge related to inspection and check procedures. The operator who wants to appear for this test has to prove his eligibility to the authorities on a regular basis. The test is conducted with an aim to help polish the skill level of each truck operator. The test conducted is efficient in testing the skill level of an operator with traditional as well as an advanced piece of machinery and his ability to use various types of boom equipment for pumping concrete.

Why is this required?

When undergoing this test, it is obvious that the operator is tested for his skills to handle the equipment under extreme conditions. As the task requires a lot of inspections and checks, so it is certain that the test proves helpful for the operator to get familiar with different operating conditions.

  • When undergoing this test, the operator gets more familiar with the latest piece of equipment that he may have to use at the job site. He will also be polished for his skills with using outriggers and stabilizers at the job site.
  • The test is also important for operators to get familiar with the process to follow when transferring concrete from one site to another through mounted pumps. The test also gives an in-depth knowledge of the operator regarding the handling of concrete and all other related tasks.


The process of qualifying for renewal of Blue CPCS card has to be met by certain criteria. It is certain that the truck operator who needs to reapply for the renewal procedure has to undergo RTO06 CPCS truck-mounted boom concrete pump test. The test can only be taken by the truck operator who is already holding his previous valid certification for this profession.

It is obvious that the operator needs to make the application for reappearing for the test during his validation time. The candidate needs to update all information related to his valid blue card prior before taking the test.

To qualify for renewal of the license, the operator needs to score passing marks in the tests that are conducted in various stages. It is also important that the operator has to attempt minimum questions correctly from each module. Apart from this, his overall score also has to meet the minimum passing grade from overall modules.

How to apply?

The procedure for appearing for CPCS RT06 Truck mounted boom concrete pump test can be availed by the operator online. The official website provides with the complete set of information in the form of the fact sheet. The file for the details of the test can be downloaded by the operator.

The fact sheet provides all possible details that the operator needs to understand and get familiar with CPCS renewal test procedure and question bank.

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