Reach Trucks to Lift Level 2 NVQ

The candidates who desire to improve their career profile in the field of operating reach trucks may attend NVQ Level 2 Reach Trucks to lift. This program is exclusively meant for students willing to work as to reach trucks operators. Construction NVQ courses will be useful for the aspirants to successfully handle heavy machinery like Reach Trucks

About Reach Trucks

Reach Truck is a type of fork lift that is implemented in a diverse range of applications including narrow aisle storage systems. These trucks are meant to operate in particular areas which are narrower than twelve feet. Reach Trucks are powered by an electric motor to carry out activities at aisle extending to eight or nine and a half feet width. This type of machine arrives in the form of stand-up riders which would be helpful in enhancing productivity and comfort level of the operator.

Features of Reach Trucks

Reach Trucks takes advantage of a pantograph that would enable the operator to extend or retract goods instead of moving the lift truck. It consists of two outer legs that are useful in the distribution of the goods. As the wheels are placed below the operator, it will be helpful in creating a tighter turn radius. This would enable the operators to cover narrow or small spaces.

It is always better to make aisles taller and narrower which are helpful in generating more space if warehouses appear to be congested. It could be quite difficult to navigate and handle the load. A major highlight concerning to Reach truck is that it offers the user’s ability to manage the rate of deceleration. This would enable you to minimize loads gradually prior to reaching the ground level.

Types of Reach Trucks

  • Pantograph Reach Trucks:-

Pantograph Reach Trucks takes advantage of a scissor design which has the capacity to push forward lifting forks. This will be useful to reach the racks containing a default single reach configuration design. Pantograph Reach Trucks are designed to load pallets. They have a remarkable lifting capacity if it is extended to a far-reaching area.

  • Moving Mast Reach Trucks:-

Moving Mast Reach Trucks harness a hydraulic system which is depended upon rails enabling you to proceed further. One of the setbacks to Moving Mast Reach Trucks is that double deep racking cannot be handled with ease in the absence of a fork extension attachment. This type of truck normally consists of huge diameter wheels offering a better ground clearance. It will be helpful to function effectively at docksides and even through narrow gaps.


NVQ Level 2 Reach Trucks to lift course is meant to determine the occupational competence of learners at the worksite. However, the students are required to exhibit their innate abilities while dealing with Reach trucks. Highly experienced Reach Truck operators should complete CPCS theoretical as well as practical tests prior to registration at NVQ. Each student must have possessed essential qualification before clearing the Construction NVQ.

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