One Day Site Safety Awareness Course

Why should you do the 1 day site safety plus health and safety Course

As per the definition set by WHO, Health is not just an absence of disease, but it is also a state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being.  To know more about it, it is advantageous for the people to go through the health and safety awareness training. The Occupational Health and Safety Act provides this training for every worker and supervisor

Health may be construed as the capability to accustom and oversee physical, mental and social challenges throughout your life. Attaining and protecting your health is an ongoing process, carved by both the health care awareness and practices as well as personal planning and organizing of interventions for staying healthy.

Safety is the state of being “safe.” It is the condition where you are being protected from damage or other non-desirable outcomes. It also refers to the control of identified hazards to achieve an adequate level of risk. When you call something as safe, it usually means that it is protected within certain feasible limits and parameters. For example, you are on medication for your safety, under certain circumstances and if taken in a certain amount.

What is 1 Day Site Safety plus Health and Safety Awareness Course?

Under the Act 1974 ‘Health and Safety at Work’, employers are enforced to ensure that employees are equipped with sufficient information and training to lessen the risks at work. Employers can decide how this training is provided.

Mostly there are professionals who come to your place and provide your safety training, in case of an emergency. Every organization has its own disaster management team who works to over the risk of their employees and provide the best safety measures.

Even health management is taken care of by every organization in the form of life insurance as an organization knows how important is the health of every employee.

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the awareness training for health and safety is provided to workers. The training introduces the concept of Occupational Health and Safety Act to workers and explains about workers’ rights and responsibilities. It also gives a general introduction to disaster management with best precaution techniques.

Why is it require?

One day Health and Safety Awareness course is required so that in case of any emergencies, you can protect yourself as well as your surroundings.

The health and safety course is required to cover the following things:

  1. the health and safety work policy in a company
  2. the planning process for casualty and ill health prevention
  3. the agenda, practices, procedures, and resources for establishing and implementing, reviewing and maintaining the occupational safety and health policy.

The management should cover the entire gambit of an employer’s occupational health and safety organization.

What are the criteria required?

There are no specific criteria required for any employee or employer to get the training for Health and Safety Awareness course. As every individual in the workplace has some sort of part to play in Health and Safety, therefore they all require the training. Training should be mandatory for all levels of staff to ensure an accurate level of understanding throughout the organization.

Engagement from management is necessary for the success of the training programme. The senior staff should be present at the training workshop for health and safety.

How to apply?

There are various ways to apply for health and safety training courses. It depends on the organization and how they can plan it.

For every individual, it is available on the internet where various companies are giving a 1-day training course for employees and labors where all the essential parts would be covered with practical knowledge.