Motorised Scrapers Level 2 NVQ

The ultimate objective of conducting Motorized Scrapers training is to make sure that candidates possess adequate skills, knowledge and experience in handling heavy machines like Motorized Scrapers in a safe and secure manner. NVQ level 2 Motorized Scrapers course covers the following:

  • How to effectively prepare the machine to execute tasks
  • Performing thorough checks prior to turning the ignition
  • Proper usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Accurate technique in accessing the machine
  • Operating the machine in varying ground conditions such as narrowed spaces and wide-gaps.
  • Adjusting the gears and travel speed to sync with the ground conditions
  • Appropriate handling of brakes and steering
  • Tackling hurdles during travel and maneuver.
  • Effective use of equipment controls.
  • Positioning, loading and unloading goods
  • Approaching loading spot at a pre-defined speed
  • Setting up of tailgate and bowl apron in order to load materials
  • Resorting to front engine upon loading of goods
  • Circumvent wheel spin whilst stacking
  • Assessing discharged spot for any potential hazards
  • Deactivation of cushion hitch

What are the pre-requisites to be eligible to apply for Motorized Scrapers Training?

  • Interested candidates should have attained CITB Health
  • Completion of Safety and Environment touch screen test within a span of two years.

The CPCS course duration is purely based on the expertise of candidates and factors including appropriate tuition, restrictions at worksites, etc. For further clarifications, students may seek the help of competent and trusted advisors to confirm which package suits them the most. The certificate is valid for a period of about five years

The examination consists of twenty multiple choice questions that are performed orally. Motorized Scraper Training Course also conducts CPCS test to determine the operating skills of students.

Motorized Scrapers which is sometimes referred to as Wheeled Tractor Scraper are heavy equipment’s meant to transport materials. Its rear part consists of the vertical hopper containing a sharp horizontal front edge that can be easily raised or lowered. While lowering a hopper, the front edge acts like a cheese slicer to break the soil and fill up the hopper. Hoppers are raised once it is full and it automatically shuts down using a vertical blade.

Motorized Scrapers is ideal to cover shorter distances since both cut and fill spots are nearby. It does have adequate length in order to fill up the hopper. Most heavy scrapers comprises of two main engines operating at a speed of about four hundred KW. Each is propelled by the front wheel and rear wheels respectively.


The initial Motorized Scraper was introduced by R. G. LeTourneau back in the year 1930. It was operated with the help of electric motors.

Construction NVQ training course clearly defines the role and responsibilities of candidates while working as a plant operator. It focuses on describing the purpose behind using components. The students can get familiar with activities like how to properly maneuver the machine at narrow and cramped spaces during loading of the materials.

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