Lorry Loaders or Knuckle Booms Level 2 NVQ

Professional NVQ level 2 Lorry Loader or Knuckle Boom certification is a qualification based program. It is a certification that is mandatory for any individual who wants to get started with boosting his career within the construction field. The certification opens up new doors of opportunities for qualified candidates such that they can apply for a high job position in the industry.

What is this?

The industry is booming with new technology, and so new professionals are required on a regular basis. To ensure that only qualified and eligible candidates get the job, authorities have offered a chance so deserving candidates can achieve the right level of training and experience prior to getting recruited.

The NVQ level 2 certification diploma has been designed to meet all requirements that a candidate is expected to hold to prove his skills and competency level. The moment a candidate completes the course and attains his operator’s card, he will be identified as a trained professional in the industry.

The qualification is identified by the CPCS scheme and has been made mandatory for candidates seeking a career in this job field. The CPCS course also provides the candidate with competency requirements that are needed to perform well in this field as per the current industry demands.

Why is it required?

There are many reasons why any candidate has to opt for this competency-based qualification and course. One of the primary reasons is that the qualification will certify the candidate for his eligibility in the field.

It is also apparent that the certification is issued by the CPCS authorities and so if any candidate wants to get certified to move from Red card to Blue card, then he has to complete this course. The moment he has passed the certification course, he will be issued a competent operator card.

This offers him with convenience where he can apply for a higher position at the job and for much high pay scale.


One of the main criteria for appearing for this qualification course is that the candidate should hold a valid CPCS Red card. The candidate should also have appeared and passed the Health and safety screen touch test within the past two-year time frame.

In order to get certified, the candidate has to complete optional units with 30 points minimum and mandatory unit with 5 credit points minimum. Under the mandatory unit, the candidate is expected to get familiar with productive working techniques and score around 3 credit points along with 2 credit points from workers safety and health welfare.

Under the optional unit out of 30 credit points, he has to collect points from developing skills with load transfer and lorry operations. In case the candidate is already experienced Red card holder, then he can directly apply for a Blue CPCS card.

In order to get qualified, the candidate is also expected to undergo a strict assessment that matches his job profile. He needs to display his experience level for handling load operations, supervising operations, maintaining employment records, and undergoing formal and in-classroom training session.

How to apply?

In order to apply the candidate can directly visit the CPCS web portal or get registered with www.constructionhelpline.com and apply for construction NVQ level 2 certification. The web site provides useful tips and guidelines for interested candidates.

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