Tracked Loading Shovels Level 2 NVQ

NVQ course is targeted towards learners who prefer to display their skills, expertise, and knowledge in managing tracked loading shovels in construction. NVQ level 2 Tracked Loading Shovels are exclusively developed to evaluate occupational competency at the site. One of the highlights of this qualification is that it allows you to practice as construction plant operators in managing and controlling tracked loader shovels.

A formal entry requirement is not mandatory to acquire NVQ qualification. Having said that, one should be confident enough to convince that he/she has the essential experience, knowledge and skills in the preparation and operation of tractors prior to enrolment in CPCS course.

Fastest-emerging vehicles in the equipment industry

If the compact tracked loaders are used on a regular basis with additional attachments, the return on investment (ROI) will be higher. Tracked Loaders is characterized by a verified Tier 4 Final Solution which is tailor-made for a specific model. Unlike other models, Tier 4 certified equipment can be handled with ease which eliminates the need to be expert in maintaining the vehicle.

Tracked loaders are broadly classified into two namely:

  • Mini-track loaders
  • Compact track loaders

Both Mini-track loaders and Compact track loaders possess their own lifting capacity, mobility and power.

  • Mini-track loaders:-

One of the striking features of Mini-track loaders is that it has the capacity to minimize grueling tasks which are performed manually. This equipment can be seamlessly adjusted through narrow gaps and passages. Users have the options to pick from either ride-on-styles or walk-behind.

  • Compact track loaders:-

Compact track loaders containing a default cab is best suited for the ones where accessibility is not an issue. Lifting power, pushing and mobility is remarkable when compared to a mini track loader. It is capable of reducing noise pollution, clear vision and ensures optimum comfy.

Extension of projects

It does not matter whether the soil is dry, soft or wet, Mini track and compact track loaders is an alternative method in improving productivity during harsh climatic conditions. These equipments can be operated for a longer period of time at a low ground pressure of 4.9 psi and 4.1 psi respectively. As a result, tasks are executed prior to the commencement of spring or fall.

Compact track loader’s length and width have a great impact on the ground pressure, mobility of the machine as well as traction. Narrow tracks offer enhanced pressure and traction over dry, slippery and hard surfaces. On the other hand, wide-tracks would ultimately suppress ground pressure and maximize flotation while performing activities on rugged terrains. Further damage to the surfaces can be reduced in the case of rubber tracks. This is helpful in eliminating unnecessary job site expenses soon after completion of a particular project.

Construction NVQ qualification extends for a period of about sixteen weeks. Candidates are required to complete the course within the stipulated time. Once they receive the NVQ certificate, they can apply for CPCS card by visiting the official website of CPCS.

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