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Why should you get your CSCS Card in Sutton Coldfield?

There is a reason every tradesman is desperate to own a CSCS Card in Sutton Coldfield. It’s your license to job, promotion and a productive career in construction.
The card is your qualifications, training, experience and portfolio rolled into one easy-to-carry identifier. So unless an employer personally is convinced of a tradesman’s competence, CSCS Card is only other way to judge their merit.

This is why CSCS Card is the first thing every employer asks for before giving you a job! Before you can go about getting a CSCS Card, you’ll need to sit what’s known as a CSCS Test. This is where you’ll be going to take the test:


Pearson Professional Centres – Sutton Coldfield
Four Oaks House (part ground floor)
160 Lichfield Road
Sutton Coldfield
B74 2TZ


– Four Oaks House is on the A5127 Lichfield Road between Sutton Town Centre and Mere Green Island
– Access to Four Oaks House, turn at the island into Four Oaks Railway Station. We are the large office block on the right
– Trains are on the cross city line. Buses run regularly from the town centre
– No parking or waiting facilities on this site

Uncertified and negligent tradesmen, however cheap, can cost people a lot more than they save. The output is less stable and of low quality. Chances are they might have to get the work redone by someone more competent just to have the peace of mind. So why to take risk to begin with?
This is the reason neither homeowners nor the companies entertain tradesmen without CSCS Cards.

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How to get a CSCS Card

You are not the first one without clue as to how a CSCS Card is grabbed. There are hundreds of tradesmen like you who trust in our abilities for their CSCS Card on a daily basis. Just do what they do which is giving us a call on 0207 199 9800. We get you the card and everything else that leads to the former.

We help you get a CSCS Card

All the popular skill and safety credentials that a tradesman requires to make it in the construction sector, we provide them those and much more!

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