Why should you get your CSCS Card in Southwark?

Want to know how to be a skilled bricklayer in London you must first obtain the CSCS card or certification that certifies your professionalism in the building sector and then verify that you know how to do certain activities within a construction site. Each worker will be registered in a database after he has obtained the CSCS card.

As a general rule, as suggested by the site itself, the fastest way to request the CSCS card, if you are convinced and sure of being qualified, is to call the customer service number directly. First of all, make a plan and visit the official website from which to obtain the primary information and to find out how to apply for the CSCS card. Before making the call, however, remember to have a credit card on hand to process the payment for the fee and the cost of the card with all the management costs of the case.

How to be a bricklayer in London?

You haven’t studied, you haven’t taken any degrees and you’re a bricklayer. Maybe you don’t even know English so well yet your biggest wish is to leave your country or why not try to make it to success abroad, in England. It is clear that if you move, you have to do a job to keep yourself. So you want to know how to be a bricklayer in London? To be more precise you will need to obtain the CSCS card.

If you don’t chew English well, don’t worry. You have some experts for you. The CSCS card varies according to your job and your specific professionalism in the building sector. In any case, only one card will be sufficient, given that they are not subdivided according to the type of work but to the level of recruitment by the company (apprentice, worker, specialist, etc.). Ok to be a bricklayer, first you will need to visit the following “card finder” page to select the one that goes by your best skills. With the forwarding of the request, a test is also provided – the CITB Health Safety and Environment, which is mandatory. All construction companies that hire in London require this Test.

Conclusion: Your dream and CSCS card

The CSCS Card in Southwark is essential for those who want to be a bricklayer in London, but know that if you already know who will hire you, you can ask your employer to ask you to send it directly. Fill out the form for CSCS Employer Application and pay yourself the fee. The test must be done in person, so you must be in the UK, and have an English bank account to make the payment.

The salary in London is excellent, so if you want to move, it is essential that you follow all these steps carefully. If you wish to be prepared for all the situations with practical guidance’s, you can visit and read CSCS related documents in

Apply For CSCS Card in Southwark