Sideloader Forklifts Level 2 NVQ

The primary purpose behind using a side loader forklift is to free up the extra storage space. Bulmer side lift forklift containing combustion engines are designed as per the European guidelines to execute external tasks. These heavy-weight machines are well-equipped with state-of-the-art Deut and Perkins engines. It is operated in accordance with emission norm level 3B and 4.

The students who wish to pursue their career as side loader forklift operators need to register for NVQ level 2 Side Loader Fork lifts. This program is aimed at students in refining their skills, knowledge and expertise in the field of handling heavy-weight machines like Side loader Forklifts. Construction NVQ enables aspirants to deal with complicated tasks like driving or manoeuvring the forklift truck.

Popular Side loader Forklifts

    • 1. DQ Nr Classic Line Side loader (DQ Nr 85-110):-

DQ Nr Classic Line Side loader is a type of side loader forklift that is capable of carrying five tons of goods. This machine’s inset right front wheel creates a standard base to lift heavy loads as well as applications for indoor and outdoor activities.

    • 2. DQ Rc 110-130:-

DQ Rc 110-130 is a budget-friendly machine that features a 55.5 kW engine with a loading capacity of five to six tons. They are used in a diverse range of applications such as transporting heavy goods including pipes, plates, and profiles in extreme climatic conditions.

    • 3. DQ R 130-175:-

DQ R 130-175 comes with a standard hydraulic side loader that has the capacity to raise goods weighing eight tons. They are currently one of the sought after machine owing to its remarkable longevity. The presence of Stage V engines makes it one of the ideal machines for indoor purposes

  • 4. DQ N 85-110:-

DQ N 85-110 is well-known for enhanced space utilization. This heavy-weight machinery is capable of lifting goods weighing up to five tons. Moreover, they offer ample shelf space and maximum loading efficiency for trucks. It has better durability when compared to other models.

  • 5. DQ 130-175:-

DQ 130-175 is yet another type of side loader forklift that allows you to raise goods weighing up to eight tons. They are designed to meet much higher demands in terms of comfort and technology. This feature makes it one of the reliable and preferred machines for optimum performance.

Side Loader Trucks enable organizations to enjoy the benefits of narrow aisles, higher manoeuvrability as well as its ability to prevent stacks while proceeding in the straight direction. For instance, Combilift side loaders are machines that are designed to move heavy loads within work sites. They have an edge over previous models available in the market. It features a rubber-mounted half-open cabin, three-wheel hydraulic drive, load-sensing steering, and a four-way level positioning of the wheel.

Interested candidates may browse through a reliable site and register for the NVQ level 2 Side Loader Fork lifts program. They can enhance job opportunities through this course.

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