Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) Level 2 NVQ

NVQ Level 2 Self-Propelled Modular Transporters is the right types of certification for candidates who wish to boost their career as modular transporter operators. The self-propelled is a type of transportation that can be controlled via remote. The vehicle is generally used to move or transfer the heavy load from one point to another at the construction work site.

Any operator who wants to get certified to handle this machine has to prove his skills by appearing for NVQ certification course. The candidate who is eligible will also have multiple opportunities at the construction work site and another similar workplace.

What is this?

The certification is job oriented competency-based qualification for candidates to help boost their career within the construction field.  The main aim of providing this qualification is to help the candidate develop his skills with handling and operating the SPMTs.

The CPCS course has been prepared by authorities to help candidates undergo a minimum of hundreds of training program as guided learning sessions.

The candidate is also expected to undergo rigorous training session as practical training help by the professional instructors. The course will help in preparing the candidate as per the national standards and CPSC regulations.

The testing system has been accredited and approved by the CITB authorities that help in providing with the right level of training and guidance for the candidates.

Why it is required?

The course and the certification have been made mandatory by the authorities those hire and train the candidates who want to get employed within the constriction workplace. Once the candidate undergoes the training program, it is obvious that he will be eligible to perform for the competency-based test.

The course has been designed to help the candidate get trained for handling SPMT at the workplace and perform general operations of moving and transferring the load from one place to another.

The candidate who completes the training course will have to appear for the CITB test and then prove his skills for attaining the Blue CPCS card. If the candidate is at the entry level, then it is obvious that he will have to apply for the Red CPCS card issued by CPCS authorities.


At the entry level, the course requires the candidate to meet with minimum criteria. He has to be academically qualified, and if the candidate is experienced, then he will have to provide with evidence related to his work experience working as SPMT handler for the past few months.

It is also important in order to get selected the candidate will have to provide with CPCS

touch screen test conducted for health and safety welfare. The eligible candidate has to undergo and complete a minimum of 100-hour training as guided sessions by trained professional instructors.

At the end of the course, the candidate is also expected to gain around 30 credit points that have to be collected from optional and mandatory units under the selected category by the candidate.

How to apply?

To ensure that the candidate appears for the test as per the standard requirements, the candidate can log on to web site that has been developed to help candidates appear for the course. The web portal services also help the candidate to go through the training session online before appearing for Construction NVQ Test.

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