Scissor-type Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) Level 2 NVQ

NVQ Level 2 Scissor-type Mobile Elevating Work Platforms is a professional qualification for candidates who want to develop their skills with operating mobile work platforms. The MEWPs are widely used in different construction field industries for performing high elevation works.

The operator who wants to develop skills operating and working on this platform has to gain the right level of training and proficiency. On being certified as a professional at course end, the candidate will be able to apply for various job positions both at entry level as well as a trained professional level.

What is this

The CPCS course is a proficiency-based program that has been developed, keeping in mind the present needs of the industry. Modern time construction work sites make use of different types of work platforms, both mobile and stationary types.

A mobile platform that uses scissor type cranes for reaching higher altitudes need a professional understanding of carrying out various operations from the dashboard. So in order to be qualified and eligible for a relevant job position, it is important that the candidate should gather the right level of knowledge and skills that can prove his expertise in handling this equipment.

To candidate when undergoing this training program will be certified by CPCS scheme for relevant Blue trained professional’s operator card.

Why it is required?

It is obvious that any candidate who wants to carry on with the work in the construction field line at entry or at the experienced level has to hold his valid qualification. The certification and course are approved and authorized by CITB authorities for both experienced and fresh candidates.

When opting for this course, the candidate will develop his skills related to performing plant check-ups on a daily or weekly basis undertrained instructors.

Apart from this, the candidate will also be trained for risk assessment and developing his methods for overcoming risk at the workplace. In order to be eligible for the qualification, the candidate will have to prove his learning skills by undergoing Live question and answer sessions with instructors.


The course is open for both fresh and experienced candidate. So it is certain that in order to be eligible for the course, the candidate has to prove his skills with his academic knowledge. To get enrolled, the candidate is expected to pass out the Q&A session with passing scores.

It is also certain that the candidate has to provide evidence related to his academic qualifications for certification and verification. The candidate who wants to apply as experienced professional will have to provide evidence related to RED CPCS card.

It is also mandatory that the experienced candidate must have passed the Touch screen test conducted by Health and safety authorities. If the candidate is fresh, then he will have to appear for the Health and safety test prior to appearing for course assessment.

Once the candidate has enrolled, he will undergo fixed duration of training and classroom lessons for completing certification and applying for Blue CPCS card.

How to apply?

The process to apply for the course can be done by candidates once he is eligible and can provide with required evidence to the authorities. He can submit the registration forms via official web portal. The candidate can also appear for certification via CPCS web site or CITB web portal and register for Construction NVQ course certification.

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