RT66 Compact Crane Test

Compact crane used in the construction site has to be handled by a professional operator. The crane has a dashboard that will regulate the movement of the crane in any direction along with the movement of the arms of the crane. In order to be able to handle the task efficiently, RT66 compact crane renewal test is important for candidates.

The test will offer a candidate with exposure to different types of task accomplishing skills. He will be able to test his skills for taking the crane to the work site and rotating it within the confined space available.

What is the RT66 Compact Crane Test?

The proficiency test is designed to help check with the theory and practical training knowledge of the crane operator. The candidate is also tested for his skills with setting load configurations when working at the site.

The test will help the candidate get familiar with load testing skills, adjusting the centre of gravity of the crane when fully loaded and to read and make necessary adjustments to the load indicators.

When undergoing the test, the candidate will also be able to test his skills by deploying outriggers within various locations on the work site. He is also exposed to jig extensions that he may be using at the work site along with identifying different weight categories.

Why is it required?

The test is a must for a candidate so he can get a chance to check with his skills and knowledge. The test will help in testing each candidate within different areas as per job requirements.

  • As the job requires operators to make necessary adjustments to the weight so the candidate will also be polished with his theoretical knowledge with making simple and complex calculations.
  • The candidate will have to undergo practical training as well, so the authorities are sure that only eligible candidates are offered with the work card permit to work in the construction industry.
  • This test also eliminates any chance of unskilled operators being selected by the company owners. Thus, chances of accidents happening at the workplace are also reduced.
  • Every selected operator is also checked with his knowledge of handling safety regulations at the work site.


Any candidate who wishes to apply for the renewal test should have a valid CPCS card for health, safety and environment. The candidate must have appeared the test within two years from the date of application. It is also must that the candidate should have passed the CPCS test earlier.

  • Only candidates who are eligible to operate compact cranes will be allowed to appear for the test. He may have to submit his past experience certificate working as a full-time compact crane operator within the construction industry.
  • As a pre-requirement, it is also important for the candidate to be able to explain the securing and shut down procedures for plant equipment.

How to apply?

Candidates who want to opt for the renewal test will be able to make their registration for the test online itself. You can log on to the official website of Construction Helpline and collect details related to testing date and timings.

All study materials that candidate may need to appear for CPCS renewal test can also be availed online itself at the web portal.

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