RT65 Demolition Plant Test

Demolition Plants are heavy machines that are mainly used for carrying out demolition works at the construction sites. These are gigantic machines and so to operate them, you may need to hire a professional operator. The buttons on the dashboard have to be controlled very accurately in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong while carrying out any particular task. This is the reason why operators regularly have to go through the RT65 demolition plant renewal test.

What is the RT65 Demolition Plant?

The proficiency test is a type of skill testing system that has been designed by CPCS committee. The candidates who want to boost their career for another few years within the construction field have to undergo this test.

  • The CPCS test is designed to help check and rectify the candidate’s task-performing skills at the work site. It is also the best way to ensure that he is aware of taking full control of the operations on his own.
  • The candidate will also be tested for his skills with coordinating with the ground support team and following all guidelines given out by them when performing the task.

Via this test, the candidate will be able to prove his eligibility with handling demolition cranes and other equipment that is attached to this machine for carrying out different types of tasks at the work site.

Why is it required?

The test is important for candidates who wish to apply for renewing their Blue CPCS card. The process of renewal is made mandatory by the authorities to help make a selection of only eligible candidates for the job position of a demolition plant operator.

  • Regularly, it is important to test the skills and perfection of the operators so the chances of accidents at the workplace can be reduced.
  • The test will help any candidate update his knowledge with handling the demolition plant machine and other equipment at the work site.
  • As handling the machine requires a lot of perfection so candidates get a chance to polish their skills that they might need to use when performing any task at the work site.
  • The test will also help the candidate to get familiar with safety measures that he must follow when operating the plant. It should be the priority to maintain the safety of all other workers at the construction site.


If the operator is unskilled in handling demolition plant, then he may not be able to apply for the CPCS card. The test is only made available for candidates who hold their previous experience working and handling this machine.

It is important for the candidate to have minimum hours of work experience handling similar plant at the work site. It means that at the time of application for the test, the candidate must submit all possible documentation related to his past job experience.

The candidate must also qualify on the academic grounds to apply for the job post of a demolition plant operator in the construction industry.

How to apply?

Construction Helpline is an online web portal service that helps candidates appear for the CPCS test to work in the construction industry. To apply, you will have to place your registration form a few days before your previous CPCS card gets expired.

You can also collect relevant course material from the web portal www.constructionhelpline.com before appearing for the test.

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