RT60 Mobile Crane Test

The RT60 Mobile crane is a course that construction workers take up to learn about operating Mobile cranes safely.

What is the RT60 Mobile Crane Test?

Institutes provide theoretical and practical to candidates on operating a mobile crane with caution and safeness. Completing the RT60 – Mobile crane test will bring candidates one step closer to their red CPCS trained operator card.

Candidates need to have completed the relevant CITB Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) touch-screen-test within two years of applying for the RT60 – Mobile crane test for candidates to be eligible for undertaking the test.

The RT60 – Mobile crane course covers various topics on operating a mobile crane. Mentioned below are some of the major topics of the CPCS course:

  1. Candidate learning to operate a crane safely
  2. Ability to respond to known crane signals accurately
  3. Appropriate positioning of the crane
  4. Training on altering jib lengths and associated safety devices
  5. Able to perform the routine plant maintenance and minor modifications
  6. Learning about safe load indicators and duties charts
  7. Training about chains, slings, and lifting gear of the mobile crane
  8. Understanding the capabilities of the crane and its safety precautions
  9. Train candidates on the basic theory of power units, transmission systems and control systems of the mobile crane
  10. Train candidates to understand and interpreting duties charts
  11. Teach candidates about programme safe load indicators
  12. Understanding the effects of radius change on the safe working capacity
  13. Statutory regulations and Codes of Practice of the mobile crane that applies to lifting operations
  14. Ability to understand the effects of shock loading on structural strength, stability and load displacement
  15. Explain the types and capacities of chains, slings, and other lifting gear
  16. Understanding the principles of safe slinging
  17. The accurate and safe use of outriggers
  18. Learning transport regulations and preparing for travel of mobile crane on the public highways

Completing the RT60 – Mobile crane will also endorse blocked duties, pick up and carry duties, all duties related to the mobile crane

Duration of the training varies from one candidate to another. The training module is designed based on the operational experience of the candidate. Such as:

  1. Ten days of training will be given for candidates with zero to less than a year of operational experience before the candidate can attempt the test.
  2. For candidates having 1 to 2 years of operational experience, five days of training on the mobile crane.
  3. Only a single day training is needed for candidates with more than two years of operational experience.

Why is the test needed?

The RT60 – Mobile crane test is part of the mandatory course needed to receive the red CPCS trained operator card.

Criteria to successfully complete the module

The course test consists of 15 questions of which a candidate need to answer at least a minimum of 12 questions correctly to pass the test.

How to apply

Candidates interested in taking up the RT60 – Mobile crane course can either visit an institute or contact an online institute such as ConstructionHelpline.com to complete the mobile crane course and CPCS renewal test.

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