RT44 Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump Test

RT44 Trailer mounted concrete pump is training that construction workers take to learn to operate the concrete pump in a construction site safely. Instruction is given to candidates to ensure that they are aware of all safety guidelines to ensure a safe and secure work-site for them and their co-workers.

What is it required?

The RT44 – Trailer mounted concrete pump test trains the construction workers on complete practical and theoretical knowledge of operating a concrete pump. The RT44 – concrete pump training covers the following topics:

  1. Explain the roles and responsibilities of a plant operator to the candidate
  2. Explanation of principle mechanisms, and the basic construction controls and vocabulary used in a plant
  3. Understanding on confirming the manufacturer’s requirements as per their handbook, and the approved regulations, and helping co-workers to follow the guidelines appropriately
  4. Training on how to conduct pre-use checks
  5. Confirm the position and configure the plant machinery as per project requirement for pumping responsibilities
  6. Training on how to install outriggers if and when applied
  7. Assemble, and secure all pipes and lines in the plant
  8. Confirm that the given mix pumpable and alert authority in case of difficulties
  9. Arrange and carry out communication procedures
  10. Guide the loading/mixer truck to the plant location
  11. Describe the method of labour for dangers, underground and overhead services
  12. Accurately pump, and regulate supplies to the desired pour location
  13. Explanation on blockages – Reason they occur and solution methods to remedy the situation
  14. Training on how to maintain safe working situations
  15. Carrying out close down and securing procedures for the plant equipment
  16. Carrying out end-of-use cleaning procedures

The duration of this CPCS course varies on many factors. Some of them include the candidate’s experience in the relevant field, if the candidate has received prior tuition, the number of representatives in a session, site restrictions etc.

The RT44 – Trailer mounted concrete pump training is conducted in the client location. The construction site needs to adhere to CPCS rules and regulations. Both training and testing of the course are given in the construction site.

All candidates looking to complete the CPCS test should achieve the test pertinent to CITB Health, Safety & Environment (HS & E) touch-screen-test within two years of applying for the RT44 – Trailer mounted concrete pump.

Why is the test needed?

Completion of the RT44 – Trailer mounted concrete pump is a necessity to complete the CPCS renewal test. Also, construction workers who have completed the test have additional weightage in the construction business when compared to those who have not completed the CPCS test or CPCS renewal test.

Criteria to complete the module

The test consists of 15 questions, and all candidates need to get a minimum of 12 questions correct.

How to apply?

There are many online services such as www.constructionhelpline.com that construction workers can contact to apply and pass the test.

The RT44 – Trailer mounted concrete pump training is not only a mandated test for successful CPCS renewal but also is a course that will train the construction workers about efficient and safe work-space.

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