RT39 Skip Handler Test

RT39 skip handler renewal test is for individuals who want to pursue a career within the construction industry as a professional skip load handler. The metallic load drum could be placed on top of a mobile crane or behind transportation truck.

An operator is a skilled person who has to take control of the movement and shifting of the skip drum to load and unload its contents. The entire task can be performed manually from the dashboard of the mobile crane or truck, or even using a remote device that is its controller.

What is RT39 Skip Handler Test?

The test is a type of competency test that has to be appeared by any candidate who wishes to take his career to new heights within the construction industry. The career demands that the candidate who handles the skip drum has to be professional.

When opting for this renewal test, a candidate is tested for his skills with the remote device to handle the skip movement. The simple task may involve memorising various options and buttons provided on the remote device or the control stick of the crane.

When undergoing this test, the candidate gets a chance to test with his skills to coordination and visualisation for the skip drum.

Why is it required?

One of the main reasons for authorities making this test mandatory for operators is that the job requires a lot of perfection. The skip drums used in the construction industry at the site may vary in size and weight. Apart from this, the drums are designed to carry and move tons of debris and load or other building materials from one point of the site to another.

The entire task of shifting, loading or even unloading the drum requires the handler to perform his task without errors.

A simple error in calculating can result in a big accident at the work site. This is why construction industry employers always request the HR team to hire only experienced and skilled candidates. This makes it important for the candidates to ensure that they hold a valid CPCS work card by the authorities.

RT39 is a type of test that will check with the candidate for his proficiency with handling skip handler machine and equipment at the work site to carry out daily routine tasks efficiently.


The renewal test is a type of test that can only be undertaken by employees or candidates who are holding their past valid CPCS card. So, it is obvious that only experienced candidates who a past experience in working within the same field and position in the construction industry for the past few years.

In order to ensure that you get your already existing card renewed, the candidate has to try and score passing grades. The minimum criteria for claiming passing score requires that the candidate needs to attempt a minimum of 12 questions out of a total of 15 from each of the two sets.

This means that he has to prove his skills are a minimum of 90 per cent within the work site in both theory and practical work.

How to apply?

Constructionhelpline at www.constrcutionhelpline.com offers candidates with the convenience where they can apply and get registered for the CPCS renewal test online itself. This eliminates the need for the candidate to visit the registered office for filing in application forms.

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