RT35 Crawler – Tractorside Boom Test

The RT35 Crawler or tractor with side boom are the dozers or bulldozers with Side boom to drag and drop some heavy materials used in the Construction or Conversion Sites. These bulldozers are giant and powerful tracked and made up of heavy equipment. Their heavy track wheels give them the excellent ground holding capability, and they can move quickly in a very rough terrain preventing it from sinking in Sandy or muddy ground.  These Crawlers or tractors with Side boom are generally useful in Construction of the building, road building, mining, forestry, land Clearing, Infrastructure development and other projects that require high power, mobile and static or stable earth moving materials or objects.

Types of Bulldozer

Wheeled Bulldozer: These bulldozers have four wheels driven by a 4-wheel drive system and have a hydraulic, articulated steering system. Its Blade is mounted forward of the articulation joint and is hydraulically actuated.

Angledozer: These dozers have the blade that can be pushed forward at one end to make it easier to push the material away to the side.

Earth-Moving dozer: These are used for deforestation, earthmoving, road carving, and ground leveling. They are mainly useful for leveling the terrain to prepare it for construction.

Armored Dozer: These are used for combat engineering roles which are often fitted with Armor to protect the driver from firearms and debris, making this bulldozer to operate in combat zones.

How to apply for RT35 Crawler tractor/side boom

Candidates can take the Crawler tractor CPCS renewal test course which aims to provide training both (practical and theoretical) in operating a Crawler- Dozer with Side Boom and also, Candidates can prepare the Side boom for the movement of heavy materials or objects during their Site travels and post-lifting duties. The CPCS Course covers the explanation of the actions required for the hazards, underground services, setting up of the program Rated Capacity indicators for lifting duties, precisely place loads on the desired location and minimizing the swinging of loads and explain the loading and unloading of the machine transporting procedures.

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