RT27 MEWP – Mast Climber Test

RT27 MEWP Mast climber Renewal test is for candidates who wish to venture within this job position. Mast climber is a type of work platform that is best to be used when working at height. The platform can easily be raised or lowered down to a certain height, depending on the need of the work.

Generally, this type of work platform is found at construction sites and civil industries. No matter these work platforms give great support and comfortability while working at height, operating such type of mobile work platforms is a big deal.

Therefore, in construction and civil industry, candidates willing to drive such elevating platforms are required to be skilled and must have passed MEWP Mast Climber test.

What is RT27 Mobile Elevating Work Platform –Mast Climber?

A Mast Climber is a movable working platform. It is used as a climbing ladder, swing stage or scaffold or staging. To perform a task at height, Mast Climber should be the first choice until and unless the operator is highly skilled and well trained.

The reason why the operator should be ‘well-trained and skilled’ because the safety of the operator himself and other working subordinates is in his hand. The slightest mishandling could lead to a massive calamity. Any person in around the work area could lose a life or get handicapped for a lifetime.

Therefore, in the UK and many other countries, a person willing to drive such heavy-duty movable devices should be properly trained theoretically as well as practically to handle all the situation.

What is required?

Passing the CPCS test is easy nowadays as there are so many helping hands in and around. You can search the test online, and you would get hundreds of material and resources to pave your way as a certified and skilled Mast Climber Operator.

One such helping hand is Construction Helpline. In the UK, they are one of the prominent names to help desiring candidates pass the test and get a valid blue CPCS card that signifies ‘operator is skilled!’

Therefore, to grab your Blue Card, you require to apply for the test and pass it.


If you are applying fresh for the exam, then you have to go through all the fact sheet of Mast Climber. These fact sheets are available online to pass the theoretical questions. Later, your understanding of the device will clear you through the practical part.

All in all, for the CPCS test or CPCS renewal test, there is total of 15 questions. Out of these questions, you will have to give 12 correct answers.

Therefore, have a better understanding of the operations of Mast Climber and sharpen your theoretical skills.

How to apply?

Applying for CPCS renewal test has been made easy by www.constructionhelpline.com. If you are willing to join the construction field as a Mast Climber Operator or you desire to renew your Blue Card then apply for it online.

All the help and guidance will be provided by Construction Helpline.

Just visit their website get started!!!

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