RT26 MEWP – Boom Test

RT26 MEWP – Boom lift is a type of movable platform that is used to work at heights.  Primarily known as Cherry Picker, such type of device was originally built for Orchards. However, later on, as the work expanded, Boom Lift found its uses in construction field as well.

Nowadays, it has been a great support for workers and labours in construction field. For reaching high elevations in construction sites, these Boom Lifts are of great advantages.

Boom Lift comes in variations like mobile or static. They are either powered by Diesel, electricity or they are hybrid.

In construction site, generally mobile boom lifts are used. And therefore, the person applying for the position of Boom Lift Operator should have prior skills and capabilities. For such operators, it is suitable to pass the RT26 MEWP Boom test.

What is RT26 Mobile Elevating Work Platform – Boom?

As explained earlier, Boom Lifts are of great use in construction site and the operator should be highly skilled to handle it. But the question here arises that how anybody or the employer himself will judge him for the skills.

Well, the answer is simple – by seeing operator’s Blue Card.

Passing or clearing RT26 MEWP Boom Test will provide operators with a license and a blue CPCS card. The blue card and license will convince the employer that the candidate applying for the position of Boom Lift operator is highly skilled and knowledgeable.

The license will justify that the operator can perform the device handling very efficiently at various heights.

When undergoing this test, the operator will have to polish his basic and advanced skills with handling various controls of the machine at various heights.

Also, as per CPCS regulations, to work as an operator with Mobile platforms, it is important to be familiar with tasks to carry out its inspection regularly. This way, you can ensure that the life of your co-worker is safe and secure. This means that if you are already a qualified operator, then you should be aware of conducting regular checkups of each of its movable and fixed parts.

Why having blue card or its renewal necessary?

It is necessary for candidates to apply for RT26 test as this will only offer them a chance to apply for renewal of their expiring blue card. In case you are planning to seek your career within this field, then you will have to be a valid CPCS card holder.

Only candidates who are having a valid card are offered with a chance to apply for this job position within construction or civil field. The moment you apply for renewal of your card, you get a chance to polish your skills.


Passing criteria of the exam is very simple. Candidates have to minimum score 12 right answers out of the 15 questions in every module. These multiple modules cover multiple categories of CPCS test.

In fact, to avoid duplication issues, concessions are also provided to many CPCS holders of MEWP Bloom.

How to apply?

The candidates who are interested in working as an operator for Boom Lift need to get their cards renewed. They have to appear for the CPCS renewal test conducted by CPCS. The procedure can be downloaded via the official CPCS website. www.constructionhelpline.com can also help candidates for the preparation.

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