RT19 Grader Test

The CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) management committee is concerned with the safety of the operators at the construction site. This is one reason they conduct the CPCS RT19 Grader competency test.

Using this testing system, they are able to identify the skills of operators. It also suggests that each eligible operator is expected to go through the procedure to perfectly attempt the test.

The topics selected by the committee are relevant in testing the safety procedures that need to be followed by the workers at the construction site.

Once aware, the operators can get registered for CPCS renewal test online.

What is the RT19 Grader Test?

CPCS conducts RT19 renewal test for grader category. These are used for different activities, including levelling, grading, trimming, and formation works. They also are important support for other sectors within this industry. This is what makes them important as they need to identify the issues that can arise when working for wit other groups.

This test is conducted by the authorities with an aim to help avoid accidents and injuries from happening within other groups of the plant as well. So, by conducting this test, the authorities can ensure that insufficient performance can be eliminated before it can lead to an accident.

Why is it required?

RT19 grader renewal test is important as per the authorities. This test proves helpful in testing the problem handling skills of the workers at the construction plant. It is also important to collect knowledge skills of operator related to maintenance and performance at the work site.

The moment any candidate undergoes this test, it is obvious that his knowledge related to problem-solving at the work site can be collected. It also proves helpful in checking if the grader is, in fact, efficient in reporting the problem very precisely with or without any expert advice.

When any operator undergoes this test, it is obvious that his knowledge related to daily checks and inspections are also collected by the authorities via test results and performance.


In order to fulfil the process successfully, it is most important for the grader to present with the details of his valid eligibility certification or the previously issued CPCS Blue card.

The committee will only allow the candidate to take this particular test if he is holding a valid certification for this job. Any candidate who is already employed with a reputable company can at his free applies for the test and request for renewal of his blue card.

The candidate also needs to keep in mind that if and only if the applicant scores passing marks in the test will the authority consider offering him with the renewal of his CPCS blue card.

In case the candidate does not clear the test with the expected score, then the certification shall not be issued to him to carry on with his job in this industry.

How to apply?

CPCS RT19 grader renewal test is an open testing system that has been provided by the CPCS committee over their online platform. Eligible candidates can take full benefit of applying for this test online itself using the web portal services. Making use of the fact sheets, it is also possible for them to download the hard copy of the CPCS renewal test information file.

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