RT05 Dragline Test

CPCS RT05 Dragline renewal testing system has been designed to check the competency of the dragline operators on regular intervals. Draglines are a type of excavating machines that have been in use for many years. Professional and well-trained operators are required to handle these machines efficiently at the work site. These machines are also available in various size and weights depending on the requirements. This is one of the reasons that operators on a regular basis have to undertake CPCS renewal test for these machines.

What is RT05 Dragline Test?

RT05 CPCS tests are proficiency tests that are designed for all crane operators who are holding UK based Crane operator’s license. The tests are regularly conducted over a period of time for all Tower crane operators. Using this particular test, it is obvious that the local CPCS authorities test if the operators still hold their level of skills in operating these machines efficiently.

The test system is designed to help operators get familiar with their instability at the work site for handling Tower cranes. The test is important for operators, so they are aware of new regulations and safety measures to be taken when operating draglines.

Besides, the tests also enable the operators to update their knowledge of carrying out an inspection of the machine and tools that are to be used by them during operating cranes. Failure to operate these machines perfectly can certainly result in big accident and injuries at the work site.

Why is it required?

There certainly may be more than one reason for operators to undergo this test. Some of the main causes are mentioned here below:-

  • The testing system is the only way to help operators get familiar with their mode of operandi at the job site.
  • When undergoing this test, it is obvious that the authorities are able to offer and renew certification only for operators who are efficient and fit both physically and mentally.
  • The test system also checks with the operator’s ability to take vital decisions related to any situation that he might face at the job site when performing difficult tasks.
  • The testing system is also useful to regulate the certification of inefficient operators and to help maintain the best safety levels for employees, machine, and operators at the work site.


In order the meet the qualifying needs, operators need to meet certain criteria on a regular basis. To undergo this test, each eligible dragline operator is expected to submit complete details of their already existing and valid CPCS blue card details. This is a card that is awarded to each operator by the authorities to operator dragline machines.

It is important that at the time of submission of the details for the test, the operator should be employed with a registered firm for operating dragline machines and types of equipment.

In order to clear the tests, it is also important that the operator is expected to answer at least 12 out of 14 questions correctly. The answers to the questions should be from all possible categories that are a part of the testing system.

The operator will only be provided with his certification of competency if he has managed to score a passing grade in the test conducted.

How to apply?

CPCS RT05 Dragline tests are official, and so candidates need to get registered for the tests in advance. Prior to tests, the operators will have to submit all their details related to certification and job experience. CPCS renewal test is conducted by the authorities officially for operators via their web portal. The information sheet related to the test can be downloaded from the website officially.

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