Ride-on Rollers Level 2 NVQ

Ride on roller is lightweight and manoeuvrable machinery equipment that contains a changeable hydrostatic drive to ensure a quick and smooth acceleration. It is indeed one of the best options for compaction of asphalt, soil, gravel and sand over pathways, pavements, bridges and parking lots. These are extremely versatile and cost-effective roller that is exclusively designed for compaction as well as asphalt applications.

NVQ Level 2 Ride on Rollers course

Ride on roller is propelled by a huge capacity Hz engine. NVQ Level 2 Ride on Rollers is a job-based qualification designed for highly experienced workers. However, students are requested to complete the portfolio of a work-based evidence and on-site assessment.  It might take approximately six months to complete the course and attain the qualification. They will be given constant support and guidance throughout the entire course. Individuals who have successfully procured Red CPCS Trained Operators Card will be able to upgrade to Blue CPCS competence card upon qualification.

Types of Ride on Roller:

Here is the brief description of the types of Ride on Roller:

  • Ride on Roller with seat drive:-

A greaves engine powers Ride on Roller with seat drive. Its estimated weight is around eight hundred kg. The overall water tank capacity is about fifteen litres. It features a 7 HP Aircollecl Diesel Engine and a hydraulic tank with capacity around five litres. They are incorporated in a wide range of applications such as compaction of asphalt, gravel, fine sand, etc. Ride on Roller with seat drive is useful for road maintenance, roadside walk, expressway shoulder, garden lawn and sports ground. These machines are also best suited for compaction of narrow sections including laying pipelines and drainage trench.

  • BW 900-50:-

BW 900-50 is a type of ride-on-roller that is designed for earthwork and asphalt applications. Moreover, it is meant for construction and repair purposes in medium and small-scale industries.

Ride-on-roller for rent

Ride-on-roller is also available for rent to meet short and long-term requirements. Today, several online and offline stores deals with Ride-on-roller rentals. Accomplished manufacturing companies around the world design these machines. Customers would come across models that feature state-of-the-art technology. Each machine is scientifically tested and well maintained during the check-in and checkout process. It is imperative to make sure it complies with the performance standards.

It does not matter whether or not companies are carrying out light residential projects or heavy-duty commercial job most of the stores are providing Ride-on-rollers for rent. They are specialized in renting rollers catering to various applications. Most of the offline and online shops have numerous ride-on-rollers of varying shapes, sizes and weight.

Construction NVQ offers an excellent opportunity for the aspirants to hone their skills in operating a Ride on Roller. Moreover, it provides ample time to prepare and get familiar with the intuitive controls of the machine. Highly experienced Ride on Roller operators should take part in the CPCS training and successfully complete theory and practical tests prior to registering for NVQ Level 2 Ride on Rollers.

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