Overhead Cranes Level 2 NVQ

Level 2 NVQ Overhead Cranes certification offers with proficiency for candidates to handle and operate heavy duty cranes within the workplace. One major advantage with overhead cranes is that they can be handled both manually and via a remote device. This means that the crane is used for performing shifting of the heavy load from one location to another at the workplace.

Within the construction industry, these cranes are also very useful such that they can be used for shifting and placing heavy slabs on top of each other. They are also useful when you may have to lift and move construction material that is impossible tasks that may require additional efforts.

Places of utilization

NVQ certification is important for candidates who want to get trained for the production industry, construction industry, rail yards, shipbuilding industry and ship loading industry.

Apart from this, the machine is also useful for operators who want to handle the overhead crane in areas that are otherwise impossible to handle in difficult areas like dockyard, construction site and industrial arena.

Job prospects

It is certain that the crane operators who are trained in handling overhead cranes find that they have better job opportunities in moving materials and scraps from one location to another easily. The machine can be best handled, making use of remote devices. This means that when handling these cranes, you are always safe in case an accident occurs in the workplace.

Handling overhead cranes via remote devices also offers with convenience where you are able to do all possible calculations more precisely. So when operating this machine, you will be able to handle while on the ground. This eliminates any chances of accidents from happening. The controls are easy to be used after getting familiar with the controls.


As the technology is in its advanced stage, so it is obvious that opting for NVQ certification will always help you stay updated with new technological developments in this field. On a regular basis, you get a chance to operate new cranes that are developed by the manufacturers.

To apply for the certification, you may have to hold your level 1 NVQ certification or equivalent that has been awarded by a reputable agency or institute.

When applying for the certification, you may also have to prove your skills with control signals and motor control units.

Benefits of NVQ certification for overhead cranes

One of the major advantages of opting for this certification is that you get familiar with all possible safety measures that you may have to observe when at the workplace. The CPCS course will expose a candidate to properly handling the crane under different conditions that you will be facing at the job site.

This will always ensure that you don’t have to face any type of situation that will increase your chances of getting injured. Apart from this, the diploma certificate will also offer you exposure to skills that will prove helpful in taking full control of the overhead cranes for handling it. Apart from handling functions you also get trained for performing basic maintenance check up on the overhead cranes on your own.

Construction NVQ certification is helpful for candidates who are looking forward to gain knowledge and skills in this field.

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