Mobile Cranes Level 2 NVQ

NVQ Level 2 Mobile Crane certification is for candidates who want to seek a career with handling and operating mobile cranes. The certification offers candidates with a valid diploma once the CPCS course has been completed. While handling plant operations, the diploma proves useful for candidates who want to learn about developing basic and advanced skills to handle and operate mobile cranes. In order to apply for NVQ level 2 certifications, it is obvious that the candidate should have already obtained prior training, in handling mobile cranes.

It means that the right candidate will always be offered with a chance to get registered for this diploma course. The candidate should at least hold a valid CPCS card from a reputable agency.


In order to be able to apply and opt for this diploma certification, the candidate should be aware of various handling techniques. This includes getting familiar with techniques like operating, moving and lifting a heavy load from one place to another.

It is also important for the candidate to demonstrate his skills related to following all safety and precautionary guidelines.  It is also important for the candidate to possess a minimum of 6 months experience with handing mobile cranes. The candidate should also be efficient in handling mobile cranes under different conditions.


In order to efficiently get registered for this certification, the candidate should have the necessary certification and qualification. In general, the candidate is expected to graduate in the respective field. It is also important for the candidate to hold prior certification and experience in handling mobile cranes.

Working within the construction industry will always be considered as an added advantage for the candidate.

Scope prospects

It is certain that the diploma offered to the candidate will help him upgrade his career to a much higher level in the construction operations field.

The qualification that is offered to the candidate is useful such that he is upgraded to much higher category opportunities. He is a valid CPCS card holder and, thus, he is also eligible to apply for any job position in the construction operations plant as a mobile crane operator. The blue card is considered as his competency card that will be considered by the employers the moment they plan to hire him.

Advantages of holding NVQ diploma

It is obvious that the diploma offered is considered a professional degree and certificate for the candidate. It will open up fast track opportunities for the candidate at the job site. At the same time, the candidate is also considered to be eligible for applying for a CPCS blue card.

This means that the candidate will always have multiple opportunities for applying at the workplace globally. This will also offer him better opportunities to earn more salary package.

Points to consider for NVQ certification

In order to apply for the certification or diploma, the candidate must be aware of the structure of NVQ that he has to follow when applying for the Diploma. It is also important for him to get familiar with the assessment procedure during the course duration.

Construction NVQ diploma will always open up better job opportunities for candidates who want to take up this career at the professional level.

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