180-degree Excavators Level 2 NVQ

NVQ Level 2, 180 Degree Excavators diploma course is a competency course that has been designed for operators who are looking forward to joining the construction operations. As per detailed collected, the CPCS course has been best designed for candidates who hold little or minimal experience handling excavators at the construction site. When opting for this course, the candidate will be exposed to polishing his skills with using the excavators. Apart from this, the candidate will also develop his skills with learning about the maintenance with 180-degree excavators.


The moment any candidate gets registered for this course, it is obvious that the candidate is expected to appear for classroom session along with workshop session. Within the course duration, the candidate is also expected to appear for the workshop assessment for clearing the technical test. Any candidate who has to appear for the technical testing must have a valid Red CPCS card issued by CPCS agencies.

This is certain that the test and the course are set only for trained 180-degree excavator operators.


The course is considered as mandatory for any excavator operator who wants to work within the UK in construction operations as an excavator operator. The NVQ diploma will offer the candidate with his validity to achieve a formal training and desired qualification such that he can apply for the job position in the construction operations.

Duration of course

The course duration may also vary from one testing agency to another. In most cases, the time required to complete the course with passing grades may also depend on the candidates learning skills. In general, if the candidate is already holding his valid experience, then the course can be completed by him within two to three weeks time, including technical training sessions.

Within 3 day time period, the operator must undergo a technical assessment to get the formal qualification for applying as an excavator operator.

Course content

The moment you have registered for this course, it is obvious that you may have to develop skills related to productivity and safety. During this time, he is expected to get familiar with various ancillary equipment that he is supposed to use at the workplace. This includes getting familiar with the operations and assembling of the equipment in the excavator.

Apart from this, the operator also needs to get familiar with the efficiency of the machine, maintenance and machine safety at the workplace. In case the excavator and equipment need any small adjustments to carry out the task, then the candidate is expected to learn it. The candidate also needs to carry out the basic service procedures with the equipment.

When operating different types of excavators, the candidate is expected to get familiar with limitations, purposes and capabilities of each type of excavators and equipment.

The candidate is also expected to follow general safety measures that he is to be followed at the work site. He has to interpret the profiles and combine them for completing any task. During this time the candidate is also exposed to making use of laser-guided equipment that can be used along with the excavators.

Construction NVQ equipment that is to be used along with excavators is technical equipment that needs a lot of precision when working with them.

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